saint bernard puppies for sale. Elegant Saint Bernards is a state-registered Saint Bernard breeder specializing in raising pure-breed Saint Bernard puppies. Our name. We have owned and raised St.Bernards for more than 14 years. This dog breed originated in the Western Alps in Italy and Switzerland. The St. Bernard is recognized internationally today as one of the molasses breeds.

      It is a giant dog. The coat can be either smooth or rough; the smooth coat being close and flat, while the rough is dense, flat, and more profuse around the neck and legs. The color is typically a red shade with white or a mahogany brindle with white.  The eyes are usually brown, but sometimes can be icy blue, and should have naturally tight lids, with haws only slightly visible.  Scroll down to learn more about this perfect family dog breed. Saint Bernard puppies for sale 

saint bernard puppies for sale
saint bernard puppies for sale


      Saint Bernard puppies for sale. Saint Bernard does not rank very high in registrations, but the genial giant of the Swiss Alps is nonetheless among the world’s most famous and beloved breeds. Saints are famously watchful and patient ‘nanny dogs’ for children.  The Saint’s written standard abounds with phrases like ‘very powerful,’ ‘extraordinarily muscular,’ ‘imposing,’ and ‘massive.’ 

    The huge head features a wrinkled brow, a short muzzle, and dark eyes, combining to give Saints the intelligent, friendly expression that was such a welcome sight to stranded Alpine travelers. Saint Bernard puppies for sale 



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saint bernard puppies for sale

Thanks for visiting our website. I am called David Athena. The Athena family are the owners of Elegant Saint Bernards. My wife and I are pet lovers so we took up the initiative to breed these lovely dog breeds to satisfy the needs of families who will want to own or add a new member to their family. My knowledge about the Saints has grown as the years go by as they are a dog breed that is very smart and makes us learn new things every day.

       My history with owning a puppy goes right back to my Christmas holidays when I was 10 years old. My parents bought me a lovely St.Bernard puppy which I named Liam. Liam gave me a lot of childhood memories when I was growing up as a teen. He was more than a best friend to me.  I always thought he could talk as he understood me so much. I always speak to him at times hoping he will respond.   My family and I are dedicated to helping everyone own the perfect, healthy puppy for their home. With our knowledge of this dog breed from childhood, we will say St.Bernard is the best dog to own. 


All our puppies come from a champion bloodline. They are all healthy and registered. They come along with their shots and vet records. We make sure our puppies are checked by our vet regularly. They also have a great temperament easy to train with a long life span.


All our puppies have a 2 health guarantee. They also come with all their papers. From our name Elegant Saint Bernards, we help you get the perfect puppy for your kids and family with our knowledge of this breed. We make sure everyone adopting a puppy from us, gets the best and perfect member of their family.


We are available for all our customers 24/7 to help you get a perfect friend for your family.Those that adopt puppies from us,we are always there to help you raise your puppy incase of any difficulties. We understand some people may be first time owners.