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Buy St.bernard Puppies Near Me


Buy St.Bernard puppies near me

Buy st.bernard puppies near me. These pups can be shy and sensitive, so early socialization is a must. And while they’re rarely aggressive, their giant size is enough to ward off any threats to their family. Even though Saint Bernards are relatively reserved and calm dogs, they aren’t exactly delicate flowers. They are perfect with kids.

Saint Bernard puppies for sale

Is Saint Bernard good for first-time owners?

If you’re looking for your first dog, a St. Bernard likely won’t be the best pick as they require a firm hand that’s willing to provide them with plenty of (loving) discipline and guidance. New dog owners can find a St. Bernard’s needs to be overwhelming, especially being the dog may be slow to respond to commands. Buy st.bernard puppies near me

What to look for when buying a St. Bernard puppy?

Pups that you might look at should be clean, happy, playful, and confident. Their eyes should be clean and clear, their stools should be healthy-looking in color and texture. All adult dogs at the breeders/kennel should be in good health.

Can St Bernards be left alone?

St Bernards need lots of exercise and playtime, As with all dogs, they need companionship and shouldn’t be left alone for more than four hours in a day.

Are St Bernards easy puppies?

Intelligent and sweet-tempered, a Saint Bernard isn’t difficult to train, however, they’ve been known to have the occasional stubborn streak. Positive, reward-based training works best with this breed. Couch potatoes, rejoice! Saints are calm and low-energy dogs who only require moderate exercise to keep them in shape.


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